Legacy Series - Stef & Dave Rowe

StoneBridge Legacy Stories: Stef & Dave Rowe


Stef Rowe and her husband, Dave, have been members at StoneBridge since 2004. In fact, the first Sunday they attended was the day after they got engaged. 
Before Stef moved to Omaha for graduate school, she attended Capital City Christian Church in Lincoln, then took a job on staff there. When she moved here, she got a job working on the Fort Street Christian Church staff. Eventually both Dave and Stef began attending StoneBridge together.

What the Rowes Love About StoneBridge

Stef says she loves the pastors, children's ministry, and moms’ groups here at SBCC. 

“We count Pastor Mark and Linda as friends and pastors,” she says. “Mark is such a conversational preacher--a practical application-driven preacher--and that’s really rare. He’s really smart, but he can talk to all of us and make us understand what he’s teaching.”

The Rowes have two sons, ages 10 and 7, and the family loves the children's ministry staff and the programs we offer for children. 

“Our boys were dedicated at StoneBridge as babies and the children’s pastor has been helping us cultivate a love for Jesus in them since they were born,” she says. 

The down-to-earth nature of the StoneBridge family drew the Rowes in immediately. 

“It’s full of normal people,” Stef says. “It’s a church of everyday people.” 

Stef and her family participated actively in small groups for 12 years; in fact, they met their closest friends while leading a small group. Over the last few years, Stef has been part of Moms Next, a group for women with tween-age kids and older. 

What Has Kept the Rowes at SBCC Long-Term?

Stef says the people are the number-one thing she loves most about StoneBridge.

“For us to leave StoneBridge would be like leaving our family,” Stef says. “They’re people who have mentored us with our marriage, helped us with our children, given us wedding and baby showers--they are our people, through and through.”

Second, the conversational preaching style has been a factor in the Rowes’ long-term membership. Because Stef sometimes preaches herself, she understands how challenging it can be to fill that role. 

Third, the family adores the children’s program. 

“To be honest, the older our kids get, the more important we feel the children’s ministry is,” she says. “Our oldest is going to middle school next year, so he’ll be changing ministries. We’re thrilled to be in a church where we know they’re going to get great teaching from birth to adulthood.”


Looking Toward the Future

Stef and Dave currently attend the Millard campus with Stef’s parents, and Stef says she’s excited for more video venues to open in the region outside Omaha, and for the new auditorium as well. 

“I’m excited to give more people in our community a convenient opportunity to get to know pastor Mark and see the standard of excellence our children’s programs have, as well as the fun and exciting things our student ministries do,” she says.

“I think our church loves our city well. I think starting more campuses and expanding our current campus is really an expression that we love our city.” 

Andrew Randolph