Legacy Series - Nancy Humphrey


Nancy Humphrey has been a long-standing member at StoneBridge for the past 26 years. She first attended with us after receiving an invitation to visit from a co-worker. 

“We were looking for another church,” she says, “and we felt comfortable there.

“Our first Sunday at StoneBridge, there were 13 people. That included the pastor and the worship leader. I didn’t know if that was a regular thing or if they just hadn’t built up yet. We kept going back, and it kept growing.” 

Though Nancy had been raised in large Catholic churches, she quickly grew accustomed to the close-knit community. 

“There was no going back,” she says.

What Nancy Loves About StoneBridge

Nancy says she loves the caring and the camaraderie she’s found in her years at StoneBridge.

“You have your own little groups, but there’s always someone there if you need them. I’m fortunate to be in a group where we’re all widows except for two of us--so we have commonalities. 

“I think that people that choose other groups have to find that commonality so they can help each other and understand each other.”

Nancy says the ability to understand one another without judgment is a wonderful feature of small groups.

“You can’t have room for judgment if you want to help someone,” she says. 

What Has Kept Nancy at StoneBridge Long-Term? 

Nancy has loved being involved and invested in the StoneBridge family long-term.

“I belong here,” she says. “It stretches you to be a part of the community.” 

She also loves StoneBridge’s outreach beyond our own walls, both regionally and overseas--in countries like Ecuador, India, and Mexico. 

“It’s nice to be here in Omaha, but you’ve got to take that somewhere. It makes you so grateful for what you have,” she says. 

For the past year, Nancy has been deeply involved in the lives of her three grandchildren, who are in middle school, high school, and college, respectively. Her daughter passed away unexpectedly last year at age 44, and Nancy has dedicated her time to helping her son-in-law and his children in the aftermath.

“The StoneBridge family showed us kindness through that time,” she says. “They didn’t bombard us, but they wanted us to know they were there if we needed to talk or if my son-in-law needed anything. 

“My small group surrounded me with love and caring. They’re always here.” 

Looking Toward the Future

These days, Nancy says she focuses primarily on the present rather than the future.

“I don’t know what my future time is,” she says. “I live more in the day-to-day than in the long range.

“I know we’ll expand; we ran out of room the first year we were in the new building.” 

As for the present, Nancy is excited about the number of recent baptisms here, including two of the ladies in her small group. 

“That just swells my heart up,” she says. “It’s wonderful that they have been touched by what they’ve heard and they want more.”

Though she served on our missions team in the past, including traveling on two mission trips to Mexico, Nancy has brought her volunteer service closer to home in recent years. She volunteers with KidMin, at the Fireworks Bonanza, Omaha Street School, and helps with funeral services.

“I’ve stepped back more as I’ve gotten older, but I enjoy seeing what people are doing,” she says. “I’m enjoying watching the younger generations pick up the torch and carry it forward.” 

Andrew Randolph