Celebrate Recovery will support you in a safe, confidential setting. Come and hear recovery testimonies and recovery lessons to experience hope. You'll discover how participants rely on Christ's power as 12 steps are energized by 8 principles drawn from the words of Jesus. 

Everyone (18 and older) is welcome at Celebrate Recovery! Please enter the doors on east side of the building near the Celebrate Recovery sign. The last Sunday of every month, beginning at 6:30 pm, Celebrate Recovery will share a meal together before the meeting begins. We invite you to join us during that time!

At Celebrate Recovery you can share your experiences, victories, and hopes with others seeking God’s grace in solving problems. At Celebrate Recovery you can find help in overcoming your hurts, habits, and hang-ups. At Celebrate Recovery while working Christ-centered steps and applying their biblical principles found in the Beatitudes, we begin to grow spiritually and become free from our addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behavior. This freedom creates peace, serenity, joy, and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with God and others.

The Sunday night meeting begins at 7:15pm with a time of worship followed by a testimony or teaching time. The group then breaks into gender specific small groups for discussions. Celebrate Recovery small groups will provide you a safe place to share your experiences, strengths and hopes with others who are going through a Christ-centered recovery. You will find a leader who has gone through a similar hurt, habit or hang-up and who will facilitate the group as it focuses on a particular step each week. You have the opportunity to find an accountability partner or a sponsor. 





DivorceCare is a 14-week Christ-centered program. Teaching videos feature teaching from over 50 leading Christian counselors, teachers and pastors who speak on topics im­portant to people before, during and after divorce. The videos also contain real-life stories of people who’ve been through a marital breakup, as they share their pain, challenges and path to healing.

Healing from divorce is not an easy journey. At DivorceCare groups, people before, during and after divorce find tools, teaching and support to help them deal with their pain and give them hope for the future.
The DivorceCare sessions address divorce-related concerns, such as how long is this pain going to last? Will I survive? Are these feelings I’m having normal? Where is God in all this? You’ll gain insights on how to handle tough emotions, such as anger, depression and loneliness.


The meeting begins at 7:00pm with some light refreshment and time to meet some caring people who know what you are going through. Then we take in a 30-40 minutes video featuring counselors and testimonials, followed by a discussion on that night’s topic. Each person has the opportunity to talk, but no one is required to share. Each participant will receive a workbook that contains a daily Bible study for personal reflection and application throughout the following week.

DivorceCare groups meet for 14 weeks each Tuesday. Cost is $20 for materials.

Tuesdays | Aug 21 - Nov 13 | 6:30-8:30pm | Omaha Campus Room 113


GriefShare is a biblical, Christ-centered program that focuses on grief topics associated with the death of a loved one. Group meetings begin with a video featuring grief experts and real-life stories of people, followed by a small group discussion about what was viewed.

Many grieving people find they are only beginning the work of healing when friends or family have returned to their daily life routines. Too often people, including Christians, tend to stuff their grief instead of allowing it to do the God-given work for which it is intended. Don’t allow fear of what others may think to keep you from what could help you. Confidentiality is very much a part of this program.

Your bereavement experience may be recent or not so recent. This program is designed to help you find encouragement, comfort and help in grieving the death of a spouse, child, parent, sibling, other family member, or friend. No matter what the cause of your loved one’s death, this is an opportunity to be around people who understand what you are feeling. You will learn how to recognize the symptoms of being stuck in grief and receive support to find joy again.


The meeting begins at 7:00 pm with some light refreshment and time to meet some caring people who know what you are going through. Then a video featuring a grief expert takes about 30-40 minutes and is followed by a discussion on that night’s topic. Each person has the opportunity to talk, but no one is required to share.

GriefShare groups meet for 13 weeks each Tuesday. Cost is $20 for materials. For more information, contact care@sb.church


If you are looking for help right now, please contact Tony Kafka at care@sb.church.